Find your families missing Fur-Ever member

Napier Cavaliers is here to help you find your new fur family member – creating a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Meet The Breeder - Teresa Napier

Teresa Napier has always owned & loved the Cavaliers dog breed. Having always been a loving fan of the breed, Teresa decided, without a doubt, to start her own business in 2015 – Napier Cavaliers.

Located in Felicity, OH, and with 20+ years of experience in owning Napier Cavaliers, we are a reputable AKC Cavalier King Charles Breeder – ONLY offers puppies who are bred with a focus on health, genetics, and the breed standard. My puppies are lovingly raised in my home as part of my family so that I can prepare them to be wonderful additions to yours. I would be honored to connect you with your next beloved puppy!

Teresa Napier makes it her personal mission to always strive for quality and excellence in everything that she, and her business, does – holding herself, and her company, to high standards. These standards are paramount to the well-being of the puppies and to the integrity of the breeding program.

If you are looking for a very dedicated breeder, with passion, heart, and integrity, and one that truly want what’s best for the Cavalier line, then you need Teresa Napier and The Napier Cavaliers!!

Find Your Fur-Ever Friend Today!

Here at Napier Cavaliers, All of our puppies are genetically tested and are high-quality. We specialize in providing all of our customers with a fur-ever friend, their family’s new fur-baby. will bring your new fur-baby to you in the greater Cincinnati airport, or other transportation arrangements can be made.

How To Get A Puppy

Are you interested in adding a puppy to your family?

Here at Napier Cavaliers, We LOVE helping families find the perfect match for their lifestyle – especially those who have had previous experiences with our dogs.

If you’re thinking about a new addition to your family, Teresa can help you with that – you just have to submit an application!

Once you apply, Teresa will get back to you about availability, pricing, and the next steps. You’ll be asked to provide some info about yourself and what you are looking for so the breeder can help you find the right match

About The Puppies

With 20 years experience in the dog breeding industry, Teresa does everything that she can possibly can to socialize all of the Cavalier puppies before they go to their new fur-ever homes with their new families!

It is our mission, here at Napier Cavaliers, to provide puppies to all of our clients that are easily trainable – and we also make sure that the transition to their new home is a smooth one.

Benefits of a Napier Cavalier Puppy:
– Napier Cavaliers is a breeder that prioritizes ALL of a puppy’s health & well-being (we have them genetically tested as puppies with a Full Embark Panel test).
– When we send our puppies to their new home, we provide your new fur baby with a small bag of food, a toy, and blanket with the scent of their mothers, brothers, and sisters (littermates) on it.
For more information on what is and isn’t included with your new puppy, please contact Napier Cavaliers today!